Control Type 2 Diabetes

Otida’s program will help you reverse diabetes with a calculated plan designed by a professional medical team, health coaches, and clinical nutritionist using the latest technologies to treat it.


Otida’s Steps

Step One

Step One

Data collection

During the first few days, the team begins collecting all the required data from the patient, such as:

  • Blood glucose levels

  • Current medications

  • Food and lifestyle habits

  • Medical history

  • Medical tests

Step Two

Step Two

Analyzing collected data

After the first week, the team analyzes the data using technology and is able to understand:

  • The effects of food on blood glucose levels
  • Effectiveness of current medications

  • Any diseases associated with diabetes

Step Three

Step Three

Continuous follow-up and support

After analyzing the data, Otida’s team creates a tailored treatment plan that fits your needs throughout the program:

  • Medications you need
  • Tailored nutrition plan to control blood sugar levels

  • Exercises fitting your lifestyle

  • Educational content about diabetes and nutrition

  • Unlimited consultations

Unique diabetes treatment results


Lowered HbA1c levels

Within 3 months, the Otida team is able to help diabetics reduce their HbA1c levels by a significant margin.


Blood glucose at normal levels

Otida’s patients were able to maintain normal blood sugar levels (from 70 to 180 mg/dl) after only 3 weeks of entering and following up with the program.


Weight loss

Most patients lose 7-14 kilograms of weight during the program with the aid of nutritionists who understand their needs without having them commit to a diet or deprive them of food.

Otida’s Success Stories

أ/ حسام الأشرم

Mr. Hussam Al Ashram


Lowered his HbA1c to 6.5% and reduced the dosage of his diabetes medications without any dietary deprivations.

أ/محمد السماحي

Mr. Ahmed Al Samahy

Film Director

Lost more than 25kg and lowered his fasting blood glucose levels from 300 to 130.

أ/شريف إبراهيم

Mr. Sherif Ebrahim

Business Owner

Lowered his HbA1c from 9.2% to 5.8%, controlled his cholesterol levels and restored liveliness.

Otida’s team

Consulting doctor

The doctor will be the main person responsible for creating the tailored treatment plan for each patient, staring from the medications and doses, monitoring blood glucose levels, requesting tests, and directing nutritionist to create the most effective health and dietary plans.

Clinical nutritionist

With the assistance of the doctor, the nutritionist guides diabetic patients to a suitable nutrition plan that fits their glucose levels, lifestyle, and dietary needs. They also help in educating the patients and provide them with the tools and information needed to change and improve their lifestyle. and answer any concerns or inquiries

Public health coach

They will be in constant communication with the patient to assist in changing harmful habits. The coach also contributes in drawing up a treatment plan focused on improving the patients lifestyle, reducing daily stress, improving the hours and quality of sleep, exercising, daily activities, and more.

Also on the team

The team includes data entry operators and data analysts, and a technical team to process and prepare patient data using the latest technology. They all aim to facilitate communication between them and the care team making it more effective.

The latest studies

American Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Association

“Type 2 diabetics need continuous follow-up with a multidisciplinary medical team.”

BioMed Central

“Using technology helps to provide accurate nutritional advice in reversing type 2 diabetes.”

Diabetic Medicine

“Reversing type 2 diabetes is directly linked to adopting a healthy lifestyle and losing weight.”

A new approach to diabetes care

Nutritional advice tailored for your body

We create a detailed customized plan based on the nature of your body and your digestion of different foods, using the latest technologies and devices.

Continuous remote diabetes training

We work remotely to help control blood sugar levels in an effective way that fits your body type and lifestyle needs. Coaches will explain how to eat, calculate insulin, and deal with stress.

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